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How to Choose a Health Club

Home Page UK Health Clubs How To Choose A Health ClubUK Health Club Chains   It is estimated that more than two million people now have health club memberships in the UK. If you are considering joining them then there are a number of important things to bear in mind when you are choosing a UK health club. Here we summarise the main points to remember to help you pick the right health and fitness club for you.

1 – Perhaps the first thing to consider is the size of the health club. If you want to socialise and make new friends while exercising then a larger club is probably best for you as there will be a wider group of people to meet. Alternatively, a small club will probably offer more privacy and quiet areas, if that’s what you prefer.

2 – The next aspect to consider are the health club’s opening hours. These days, most health clubs have long opening hours, sometimes from as early as 6am to as late as 11pm. But you may find that these clubs have a mixture of memberships available, limiting when certain members use the facilities, such as peak time and off-peak memberships. It is important to check that the health club is open at hours that suit your lifestyle and that you can use the facilities at that time on the membership you choose.

3 – Before going to a health club make sure you know what your personal fitness goals are. If you want to concentrate on losing weight you’ll want a good choice of aerobic facilities to choose from while if you want to build muscular strength you’ll need weight machines. Make sure the health club you choose has the right equipment to help you fulfil your personal goals.

4 – The location of the health club is very important. You need to choose a health club that is close to your home or work so it is easy for you to get to, which will encourage you to go, even when you might not feel like it.

5 – It is also worth checking that all the staff are qualified through an accredited organisation, so you know that they can offer expert advice about the equipment and exercise plans. If you want to use a personal trainer then you must check their qualifications to be on the safe side.

6 – Some health clubs offer a free induction when you can visit so you can be shown what the club has to offer, and use some of the equipment. An offer like this is definitely worth taking up because it will allow you to get a feel for the place and see if you feel comfortable there.

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